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Unlocking and opening Archangels allows you to quickly customize the Magnum Opus by checking out and adjusting as if like a blueprint using specific Vehicle Upgrades from The Garage in Mad Max.


"Build Archangels to quickly find a Vehicle that suits your own play style"

List Of Archangels[]

  • The Jack - Like a true jack of all trades she is capable all around. Ready for nothing but the most daunting of sacred quests. But be warned, where she knows little of a lot she knows not a lot about little...
  • Pinky Finger - Oh, she's outrageous and she knows it. Her blush hue seems to scream "come and get me", but speed protects her from any unwanted callers and those too grabby will surely be shafted to by the hild by thrusting spikes.
  • Celestial Bones - Free, like the desert spirits, she was born to roam and never be entangled in metal to metal tussles. Like a gilt bolt of lightning, she draws her map on the lands like a divine finger.
  • Soul Sweeper - As she sweeps black across the byways like some soaring sister crow, know she ain't one to be overtook so easily. Try her skill on but once and your soul too will be in her web.
  • Kill Box - I pity the poor enemy who dares to pen this box. For inside waits only death. She looms lurking, waiting for war, inviting the unwelcome with her unassuming sight.
  • Righteous Spike - She rolls like a dark hunter, infused with that forbidden knowledge and necromancy of the shadow-worlds. Kama-Krazee boarders forget their fearlessness and avoid the plunge onto her spikes while rollers of the road ride scared of her metal shredding rims.
  • Speed Demon - A no-nonsense force of raw power. This wagon yearns for the freedom of absolute speed.
  • Sanguine Guardian - The guardian will deflect the flames of our enemies. As if by magic, we fear their less pitiful pipes of fire and flying daggers!
  • Aurelian the Ready - A deeluxe killing machine thats both elegant like a soaring crow and fast like a scattered lizard. Traverse the deadlands in style!
  • Argent Cavalier - A dense wagon of death dealing blows. Crushing enemies by lumbering punches like a heavy weight champ!
  • Rule of War - The soldier, the trusted warrior, armed for sacred warfare in desolate and hellish lands. Before infidel hordes, here comes righteousness.
  • Lord Gravel - She knows know limits, her shocks and springs lie waiting for the roughest terrain. her engine mutters in approval for any roadless adventure. She will take us anywhere we want to go!
  • Cardinal Grinder - Shes a rolling blender able to puree any and all enemigoes foolish enough to get in her way. Death comes in many shapes and forms in this land, this one comes in the form of sharp blades and immense power!
  • Radiant Shadow - Shes faster than fast, lighter than light, and has the biggest cow catcher ever to watch war on infidel hordes!
  • Jugger of Virtue Slow, heavy and deadly! Destructive instincts and mage block engine with torque up the U-joints. She has HEFT and moves slow but once she knows her way, she cannot be stopped! Immortan Joe approves.
  • Speed Freak - Sleek, fast and perfect! So arousing in every sensous detail. Chumbucket approves.