Balefire Flatland

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Balefire Flatland
Balefire Flatland Region.jpg
"Eliminate threat in this region to reduce the number of Scrotus patrols and unlock upgrades for the Magnum Opus."

Location: Jeet's Territory
Contains: Camps /3
Scarecrows /6
Snipers /2
Minefields /2

The Balefire Flatland is one of the regions of the Great White in the Mad Max video game.

Description[edit | edit source]

"This flat land is Jeet's domain, and it holds Jeet's Stronghold Balefire. It used to be steadily patrolled by Jeet's scavengers, but now it is all but overtaken by Scrotus' warbands." - Mad Max video game description

Locations[edit | edit source]