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The Brawl Bar is a Ramming Grill Vehicle Upgrade from The Garage in Mad Max. It is the third upgrade slot and the second Ramming Grill upgrade after the Tussle Bar. When installed, it lowers the front end of the car and reduces vehicle acceleration and handling.

Unlock Requirements[]

Scrap Icon.png 300 Scrap

  • Lower Threat in Jeet's Territory to 4


  • Increase ramming power by 20%.
  • Reduce head-on collision damage by 12%.
  • Reduces Magnum Opus acceleration and handling slightly.
  • Medium weight.


"For head-on butting and rammin' your foe, this would be your bare minimum."

The Brawl Bar is a ramming grill attached to the front end of the Magnum Opus, in place of where a bumper would normally be. It appears as a thick steel bumper that stretches across the lower front of the Magnum Opus with two large steel bumper guards attached to the front. Another curved piece of steel bar is attached in the center in the form of a upside-down U-shape jutting up from the bumper, providing better protection for the radiator and engine compartment. Unlike the Tussle Bar, the Brawl Bar is clean and slightly chromed, though visible wear is apparent across its surface.