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Challenges in Mad Max offers you an alternative way to play the game to gain Griffa Tokens Icon Griffa Tokens.png.

List Of Challenges[]

Defeat 8 Enemies in melee combat in a row without taking any damage.
Fill the Fury meter in 50 seconds or less.
Perform a combo chain of 15 or above.

Wasteland Challenges[]

  • Metal Detector - Collect 10000 Scrap Scrap Icon.png.
  • Rising From The Ashes - Repopulate 12 Camps.
  • Sticky Fingers - Open 5 containers or doors using the Jimmy Bar.
  • What Are The Chances - Collect 3 boxes of Scrap Scrap Icon.png from Muthaloot crates.
  • Happy Hour - Give water to 1 Wanderer.
  • Set Up Us The Bomb - Destroy 50 red barrels.
  • Quiet In The Halls Of Justice - Kill 120 Enemies from the Scrotus Faction, either on foot or in a Vehicle.

Ground Combat Challenges[]

  • I've Got The Hang Of This - Perform 50 Perfect Parries.
  • Sticking Pigs - Defeat 35 Enemies with a Shiv execution.

Car Combat Challenges[]

  • Bang For The Buck - Destroy 15 Vehicle mounted fuel tanks with the Shotgun.
  • Roadkiller - Defeat 10 Roadkill Vehicles by any means.
  • Kill Twitch - Shake 10 jumpers off the Magnum Opus without using a Weapon.

Additional Challenges[]