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The universe of Mad Max is filled with a diverse cast of characters with various drives, ambitions, and desires.

Stronghold Allies[edit | edit source]

Deep Friah.png
Gut Gash.png
Pink Eye.png
Deep Friah Jeet Gut Gash Pink Eye

Characters[edit | edit source]

Icon Character 1.png
Icon Character 2.png
Unknown Icon.png
Icon Character 4.png
Icon Character 5.png
Max Scrotus Scrotus With Blade Chumbucket Hope
Unknown Icon.png
Icon Character 7.png
Icon Character 8.png
Icon Character 9.png
Unknown Icon.png
Unknown Outcrier Stank Gum Crow Dazzle Abdominous
Unknown Icon.png
Unknown Icon.png
Icon Character 13.png
Icon Character 14.png
Icon Character 15.png
Scab Tenderloin Jeet Gut Gash Pink Eye
Unknown Icon.png
Icon Character 17.png
Icon Character 18.png
Unknown Icon.png
Unknown Icon.png
Deep Friah Griffa The Dog Gaspa Grope Stump Grinder
Unknown Icon.png
Unknown Icon.png
Unknown Icon.png
Unknown Icon.png
Icon Character 25.png
Rim Jobbie Gut Noose Pig'n'sticker Unknown Interceptor
Icon Character 26.png
Magnum Opus

Movie Characters[edit | edit source]

The following characters are not confirmed for the video game, but are important in the movies on which the game is based.