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"Oh, I can make you become steel-real, my Angel... I can build your corpus and ignite your sacred fuel, true, but only the Warrior Saint can drive you... That is why you sent him my way..."

Chumbucket is Max's trusted, hunchbacked mechanic and partner, and the deuteragonist of the video game Mad Max. After praying to the "Angel of Combustion" to deliver a champion, he spotted Max during a road-war from afar, believing him to be the delivered champion. An overzealous, passionate, determined and giddy individual, his whole existence has been devoted to the art of the motor, with his dream being to craft the "perfect vehicle": The Magnum Opus.


"Chumbucket is a bizarre Wasteland mechanic who resides in the Great White region. He crosses paths with Max when he spies him in his "Long-lookers" while scavenging for engine parts. He sees the warrior Max fight Scabrous Scrotus and his War Boys, and he decides that Max has been sent to him for a purpose.

Chumbucket's background is unclear. He stems from Gastown originally, but was cast out despite his extraordinary skills as a "blackfinger" mechanic. He has lived alone in the Wasteland for a long time, sometimes trading with characters like Jeet and Gutgash. His garage is located inside an old, gutted ship where he began building a vehicle. Chumbucket believes himself to be a prophet of his own bizarre automotive-mechanical-based religion. He claims to worship a deity he calls the Angel Combustion as well as other, lesser deities with similar themes. He believes that he as been chosen to create this ultimate vehicle the "Magnum Opus" with the help of Max whom he calls his "warrior saint" and who he believes was sent to him by the Angel Combustion. Chumbucket's fervent religious goals and Max's need to build a new car coincide, and together they decide to build the Magnum Opus.

Notable quotes[]

"All these places we pass so swiftly... where you see only empty dunes and wreckage, I see potential treasure troves." -Chumbucket expressing his perception of The Wasteland to Max.