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The Death Runs Icon Death Run.png are a special game mode that allows you to compete for Griffa Tokens Griffa Icon.png in the Mad Max video game. Throughout The Wasteland in Mad Max, a Death Run provides the means for wastelanders to become one with a vehicle. It's a rite of passage and necessary to gain access to all Vehicles in the world. Each Death Run offers a unique variety of cars and Archangels to run and collect. Completing a Death Run also unlocks a permanent fuel source at the starting line location.

There are a total of 15 Death Runs, and Opus Wars is available at each location.

Death Runs come in three varieties:

  • Scatter Run - Standard race against five other cars, take any route you want.
  • Barrel Bash - Race against five other cars, but you must hit a barrel at each checkpoint.
  • Time Bomb - Make it to the finish line before time runs out. Other cars spawn along the way to attack you.

Death Runs[]


"Compete in Death Runs to earn Griffa Tokens Griffa Icon.png and unlock new Vehicles in the Vehicle Collection."