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The Death Runs Icon Death Run.png are a special game mode that allows you to compete for Griffa Tokens Griffa Icon.png in the Mad Max video game. Throughout The Wasteland in Mad Max, a Death Run provides the means for wastelanders to become one with a vehicle. It's a rite of passage and necessary to gain access to all Vehicles in the world. Each Death Run offers a unique variety of cars and Archangels to run and collect. Completing a Death Run also unlocks a permanent fuel source at the starting line location.

There are a total of 15 Death Runs, and Opus Wars is available at each location.

Death Runs come in three varieties:

  • Scatter Run - Standard race against five other cars, take any route you want.
  • Barrel Bash - Race against five other cars, but you must hit a barrel at each checkpoint.
  • Time Bomb - Make it to the finish line before time runs out. Other cars spawn along the way to attack you.

Death Runs


"Compete in Death Runs to earn Griffa Tokens Griffa Icon.png and unlock new Vehicles in the Vehicle Collection."

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