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Deep Friah's Territory is at most two regions of the Dead Barrens in the Mad Max video game.


"Deep Friah's territory is a pile of discarded scrap metal, trash, rotting remains, oil sludge, and soot on the outskirts of Gastown. Somehow the cult, led by Deep Friah, has been allowed to maintain their presence here. It is speculated that it is allowed because their belief makes even Gastown workers passive and docile. As long as Deep Friah does not threaten the order of Gastown, he will be allowed. The temple of the cult is the centerpiece of Deep Friah's territory." - Mad Max video game description


*Although The Dunes is located within Deep Friah's scavenging range (and appears when unlocking the survey crew for his stronghold), this territory is of the Buzzards.