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The Demented Chariot is one of the rare collectable cars from the game Mad Max. The Demented Chariot resembles a 1967 Plymouth Barracuda.

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Can be obtaned through a mission called Ghosts of the Past, this mission is given to you by a girl named Hope while she's locked up at Gastown. To get the car from the mission, you must go to the location provided and find a way into the cave that the car is held in. There is also some scrap im the cave, so be sure to gather it if you wish to do so. Once at the car, you can drive it out through a tunnel that you jump out of. Before you decide to drive the car, be sure to refuel the car because it may not have much fuel left in it. Then you can set your trip to a stronghold to save the car and hope that you don't lose the car to any enemies that could be roaming.