Fuel Veins

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Fuel Veins
Fuel Veins Region.jpg
"Eliminate threat in this region to reduce the number of Scrotus patrols and unlock upgrades for the Magnum Opus."

Location: Jeet's Territory
Contains: Camps /2
Scarecrows /6
Snipers /3
Convoys /2
Minefields /2

The Fuel Veins is one of the Regions of the Great White in the Mad Max video game.

Description[edit | edit source]

"This part of the Great White used to house the majestic pipelines which transported oil from offshore rigs. Now they lie empty and rusted out, scavenged for scrap and deteriorating, like a monument to the eras of the big machines. The Jaw and the Dead Barrens Pass are also in this region, leading directly into the Dead Barrens. The Jaw is heavily guarded by Scrotus' warbands." - Mad Max video game description

Locations[edit | edit source]