Mad Max Wiki

As you travel throughout the world of Mad Max you can check out some of the Game Tips along the way. Game Tips will usually show up when Max has died, or when using Fast Travel.

Game Tips[]

Circling birds often indicate that Food Icon food.png is below.
Use the Dog And Buggy to locate Minefields Minefield Icon.png and individual land mines.
Lowering the Threat in a Region will reduce the number of Scrotus patrols in that region.
Project Parts Icon Project Parts.png can be found in Camps and Scavenging Locations - Collect them to build Projects in the Strongholds Strongholds Icon.png.
Death Runs Icon Death Run.png are not limited to racing. Complete Death Runs to unlock refueling station and Fast Travel points.
Refueling is not the only use for a Fuel Can Fuel Can Icon.png. Place it next to a structure and blow it up, or throw a lit one into a crowd of enemies to cause massive damage.
Change setting in the pause menu to customize the game to your preferences.
Don't forget to build a Project in a Stronghold Strongholds Icon.png
Perform the devastating Harpoon Slam by attaching the Harpoon to rear bumpers of enemy vehicles and Boost.
Grow a beard through Max's Upgrades menu.
Keep an eye out for dust clouds and smoke pillars - they usually signify a point of interest.
The Wasteland is not empty. Interact with Wastelanders to gain Information, Loot or Griffa Tokens Griffa Icon.png.
Make sure to kill the War Crier quickly. He will buff enemies in the Camp, making them more dangerous.
Safely ride out a Storm inside an allied Camp or Stronghold Strongholds Icon.png.
Complete Challenges to gain Griffa Tokens Griffa Icon.png.
History Relics Icon History Relics.png shows a glimpse of times passed. Take a closer look in the Collectibles tab.
Press and hold Icon r3.png to keep track of Region and Camp Icon Oil Pump Camp.png status.
Commandeer an enemy Vehicle if the Magnum Opus is badly damaged.
Visit Crow Dazzle and his Death Runs Icon Death Run.png to add Vehicles to your Vehicle Collections.
Each Top Dog Icon Top Dog Camp.png has a unique war paint that can be used to customize the Magnum Opus.
Press Icon Repair.png to have Chum repair the Magnum Opus. The Vehicle can only be repaired when standing still.
Build Archangels to quickly find a Vehicle that suits your own play style
Use the Binoculars Icon Sniper.png to scout Camps Icon Oil Pump Camp.png from a safe distance. Scouting reveals and marks camp defences.
When on foot, and among enemy vehicles, use EVADE to avoid getting hit. Shoot out a tire or at the driver to survive.
All Weapons on the Magnum Opus require Ammo Icon ammo.png, except for the Harpoon.
Side Ram enemy vehicles, alternating sides, to perform a Ricochet Bash. This increases damage delivered significantly.
Lowering the Threat in a region will reduce the number of Scrotus patrols in that region.
Ensure that Max is healthy before entering a fight - there will be no time to eat or drink during combat.
Use Left Pad.png Right Pad.png to toggle between Weapons when driving the Magnum Opus.
Side Burners can quickly dispatch an enemy vehicle, but at the cost of using Fuel. Install them to shoot streams of fire from the sides of the Magnum Opus.
Visit a Stronghold Strongholds Icon.png to unlock a fast travel point.
Use the Binoculars to scout Camps and other dangers lurking in The Wasteland.
Dismantling a Camp allows friendly forces to populate it. Allied Camps gather Scrap Scrap Icon.png and provide shelter for Max.