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The Garage is the vehicle modification interface for the Mad Max video game. It lists of all vehicle upgrades available for the Magnum Opus.

Icon Ramming Grill.png
Icon Armor.png
Icon Engine.png
Icon Exhaust.png
Icon Tires.png
Icon Suspension.png
Icon Boost.png
Icon Rims.png
Icon Boarder Spikes.png
Ramming Grill Armor Engine Exhaust Tires Suspension Boost Rims Boarder Spikes
Icon Sniper Rifle.png
Icon Harpoon.png
Icon Thunderpoon.png
Icon Side Burners.png
Icon Repair Speed.png
Icon Car Body.png
Icon Body Color.png
Icon Unknown Upgrade.png
Icon Hood Ornament.png
Sniper Rifle Harpoon Thunderpoon Side Burners Repair Speed Car Body Body Color Decals Hood Ornament