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Gasoline, or 'Guzzoline' as is it often referred to in the game, is the fuel by which the world turns. All vehicles, tools, generators, etc. run on Gasoline. This is a scarce resource that can easily run out on bigger Engines. Jerry Cans can be found in many scrap locations and these are the primary source of keeping the Magnum Opus. One Jerry Can can be stored on the Magnum Opus at all times. Gasoline in Jerry Cans is a common method of blowing up Transfer Tanks, Oil Rigs, doors and gates.

Guzzoline is manufactured by Gastown and does not appear to be as well refined as pre-fall gasoline. Guzzoline seems to be thicker and more like a flammable sludge and can be seen dripping out of the Magnum Opus's tailpipes quite often.