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"Are you not the one who travels to forget? I've seen you before... Running from ghosts. Searching in vain for your Plains of Silence... Your road and mine will soon be one... And you will be reborn a man greater than his fears."

Griffa is one of the characters in the Mad Max video game.


"A wandering mystic who seems to only be interested in Max. He has the ability to help Max reach inside the recesses of his very soul, transcend his mind and enhance his physical strengths."

Griffa allows players to upgrade Max's Abilities. This does not include armor, weapons, or tools. Griffa changes his location based on where the player is in the Wasteland. He is never far from Max and appears on the map at all times. The upgrades are possible through the use of Griffa Tokens that are gained by leveling up.

Note: All available Griffa Tokens must be applied every time you meet Griffa.