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"Out there, the ocean waits, ready to come a-crashin' and cover these lands anew. We will be ready then, the gales of glory will fill our sales."

Gut Gash is one of the Characters in Mad Max.


"Gutgash is the leader of the Rust Bastion. A stranded ship turned into a stronghold. Gutgash suffers like everyone else near Gastown from the recent surge in aggressions from Stank Gum. He leads his people with a rare combination of intimidation and cult-like manipulation.

He has everyone in his Stronghold, a rusting hulk of a ship, believing that they are preparing the vessel for when the waters come back and cover the seabed that is the Great White. He speaks of this so much the he sometimes believes it himself. But most of all he believes in survival. He will do anything to stay afloat, including dealing directly with the marauders from Gastown. He knows of Chumbucket, and recognizes him as a skilled mechanic, but he does not trust him."

Notable quotes[]

"But as a safety measure, all of these efforts also serve to fortify the ship hull against any attacks, should the deluge not come."