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Gutgash's Territory is several regions of the Great White in the Mad Max video game.


"When Gutgash and his men spotted the ship which was to become their stronghold, they were too tired to do anything but stop. In the following weeks they found that their ship had indeed saved their lives, as it was loaded with fresh water and canned goods. As they sparingly consumed their wealth, they found other ships, with all sorts of valuables stashed inside, scattered all around the region which would become Gutgash's territory. Gutgash, an old trader and bandit, knew how to make the best of an impossible situation. They scavenged tirelessly, all the while trading the goods they didn't need with goods they needed with traders from all over. They maintained an unsteady truce with Gastown if they kept supplying such extraordinary loot. This truce is now extremely fragile as the crazed Stank Gum has begun his reign of terror on Scrotus' orders. Now, the territory is crawling with Scrotus' filthy warparties and camps." - Mad Max video game description