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"We were a force to be feared 'round these parts. Now with Warlord Scrotus' goons out there, we're weakened. We gotta get our hands on some of that sweet black thunder to even the odds."

Jeet is one of the Characters in Mad Max.


"Jeet is the young leader of a big stronghold in the Great White. He ruled supreme around there until Scrotus went mad and ordered Stank Gum and his War Boys to raise total havoc in the region.

Jeet, a fast-talking, ferret-like young man with more than one mean streak, is planning to take back his sovereignty, but he just might need a stranger's help. Jeet suffers from a psychotic defect which makes him wired, tweaky and very prone to emotional outbursts. He keeps himself in check with a system of self-mutilation where he pierces his skin with razor-sharp arrowheads. Jeet knows Chumbucket as a very skilled mechanic, but he would never trust him."


Jeet is a fierce warrior that has worked his way into building a small settlement. His mere enemies is of course Scrotus, the War Boys, the Roadkill and most of the other Factions. Jeet has managed to take over inside an old abandoned light house he calls his fort. Despite his luck with scrap and scavenging, Jeet often suffers from massive headaches. Therefore he has created his own way to avoid the pain by piercing small chunks of metal under his skin. When a headache arrives Jeet simply twists the metal in order to stop the headaches. Jeet spends his time creating ammunition for weapons. But when Gastown War Boys threaten his territory, he makes a deal with Max Rockatansky.


Jeet's Stronghold is built inside an old pre-fall lighthouse, fortified so thoroughly it now resembles a medieval fort more than anything else.


Jeet wears baggy military like pants packed with pockets, tools, and weapons. On his back he carries a dozen arrows. Jeet's shoulder appears to have scarred wounds mixed with tumours and he also appears to be completely hairless.

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