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Jeet's Stronghold is one of the strongholds in the Mad Max video game.


"In the center of Jeet's territory lies Jeet's stronghold. Once the proud centerpiece of this part of the Great White, it is now all but forgotten. The territory is lousy with the signs of Scabrous Scrotus' recent aggressions; scarecrows, war camps, convoys, and war parties. Jeet's stronghold itself remains a relatively safe place so far, as long as one is on the inside. To approach Jeet's stronghold these days it a very dangerous affair indeed. Ever tweaky and now on the verge of starvation, Jeet and his people are on the edge. The stronghold is built inside an old pre-fall lighthouse, fortified so thoroughly it now resembles a medieval fort more than anything else." - Mad Max video game description


Completing projects will help Jeet's Stronghold thrive - providing useful Resources and Services. After every upgrade is installed a cinematic will play and the stronghold will grow.


  • Water Storage
Parts Needed: 2
  • Maggot Farm
Parts Needed: 4
Lust For Powder: 1
  • Oil Well
Parts Needed: 2
  • Cleanup Crew
Parts Needed: 3
Parts Needed: 4
Deliver 500 Scrap
  • Medium Stockpile
Deliver 1000 Scrap
Parts Needed: 3
  • Dog xxxxx
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