Land Mover

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Land Mover
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Character Info
Name: Land Mover
Location: Missions/Cutscenes Only

The Land Mover is an unobtainable vehicle in the Mad Max video game.

Description[edit | edit source]

"Witness her power, tremble in her presence! The Land Mover, a fitting mount for Scrotus, Warlord, the immortal!"

Scrotus's Land Mover is the largest vehicle in the game. Other than it being Scrotus' throne, it is used to transport other vehicles and is driven by War Boys.

It is based on a large single-engine scraper which is now powered by 2 large turbo and supercharged V8's rather than the single diesel engine that it would have originally had, and its "cab" resembles a Valiant Charger or Dodge Charger.

Gallery[edit | edit source]