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"The Magnum Opus, my life's work. She is the Angel Combustion becoming flesh - or steel, as it is. Since the Angel Combustion sent me the Warrior Saint, I am sure of my destiny."

The Magnum Opus is the main vehicle of the Mad Max video game.

Chumbucket's brainchild, the Magnum Opus is a machine with vast potential and upgrading it is key to Max's survival in The Wasteland. Upgrades for the Magnum Opus are unlocked by reducing Threat and purchased by using Scrap Scrap Icon.png. Use The Garage to modify and upgrade the Magnum Opus at any time.

The Magnum Opus can be crafted into specific configurations called Archangels.




"The fastest, meanest, most outstanding, one-man survival vehicle ever built in this Wasteland."

Notable quotes[]

"See the sanctified spectacle that is Death Rattle. Our Magnum Opus would look good in such a cracking frock!"