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The Pink Eye is one of the Characters in Mad Max.


The Pink Eye is quite possibly the oldest person in The Wasteland and certainly one of the toughest. She lost her legs in one of the first road wars a long, long time ago. Undaunted she built a motorized wheelchair for herself and still continues to fight. For longer than most can remember she has been taking in urchins from The Wasteland and teaching them how to be mechanics, technicians, mechanical engineers. Her students/children are some of the best and most skilled in the whole Wasteland.

Silo Stronghold[]

The Silo Stronghold, fortified as it is serves perfectly as a deterrent against bandits and Roadkill, but should a real Gastown war party attack, the story might be very different. Pink Eye's stronghold appears to have been part of an old nuclear power plant. Near the silo stronghold are vehicles surrounding the area.

Stronghold Images[]