Rare Vehicles

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List Of Rare Collectible Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Vehicle Location
Chum's Buggy Chum's Hideout (obtained during the mission Dink-Di)
Golden Tuska Dry Gustie
Hardball Parch Moon
The Twelve Rot 'N' Rusties
Demented Chariot Parch Moon (obtainable during the mission Ghosts of the Past)
Crow Caller The Heights (obtained during the mission Rustle Dazzle
Big Chief Chariot (obtained as a reward for completing a story mission)
Interceptor (obtained as a reward for completing a story mission)
Dune Vessel Carrier Pink Eye's Silo (obtained during the mission Exodus)
Thirstcutter Parch Moon (unlocked after using it to complete the special Death Run in that region)

The Rare Vehicles Throughout The World[edit | edit source]

The TwelveSlick RubsGut Gash's StrongholdPink Eye's StrongholdDeep Friah's StrongholdGastownRare Vehicles Map.jpg
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