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In Mad Max there are all sorts of Regions & Territories throughout The Wasteland. Scavenging Locations can contain useful Items such as Scrap Scrap Icon.png, Ammo Icon ammo.png, and Food Icon food.png as well as Project Parts and Relics Icon History Relics.png. Note: Locations on the Map below are clickable and make things easier for finding specific Regions.

Chumbucket's StrongholdJeet's StrongholdGut Gash's StrongholdPink Eye's StrongholdDeep Friah's StrongholdGastownWorld Map
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List Of Regions

Region Name Territory/Location Camps Scarecrows Snipers Convoys Minefields
The Big Nothing Chumbucket 2 3 N/A N/A N/A
Fuel Veins Jeet 2 6 3 2 2
Dry Gustie Jeet
Colossus Jeet
Blackmaws Jeet
Balefire Flatland Jeet
Reek Hills Gut Gash
Parch Moon Gut Gash
Grit Canyons Gut Gash
Chalkies Gut Gash
Cadavanaugh Gut Gash
Grandrise Pink Eye
Knit Sack Pink Eye
Rot 'N' Rusties Pink Eye
The Heights Pink Eye
Wailing Wind Pink Eye
The Dump Deep Friah
The Dunes The Dunes