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This is a mission given to you by the Outcrier after you complete the 'Immortal Enemy' Story Mission


The Outcrier is jealous of the Crow Dazzler, whose car has a loudspeaker which is finer and louder than the one he possesses. So, he gives you the task of stealing the Crow Caller and bringing it to him. This mission can only be undertaken when it is night. There is a Death Run at the top left side of Pink Eye's territory. You must go there (fast travelling will be unlocked by then) and steal the Crow Dazzler. Then, drive it back to Gastown. Doing so will complete the mission


A brand new vehicle is added to your collection, the "Crow Dazzler"


The Crow Dazzler doesn't have good tire traction. Make sure you stay on the road and try your best not to off-road. If there are enemies in sight, the reduced speed of your car and the poor handling makes you a sitting duck if you are offroading.

Keep a fully loaded shotgun for dealing with quick enemies. A blast to the tires or the fuel tank will take care of them.