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Scrap Scrap Icon.png is the currency of The Wasteland and should never be squandered. In the hands of Chum, Scrap can be turned into powerful upgrades for both The Magnum Opus and for Max himself.

Scrap can be gained in various ways and be collected all across the wasteland, such as by looting Camps or Scavenging Locations but Max can also gain Scrap by looting defeated Enemies, Scarecrows and Vehicles.

You may also come across a truck transporting Scrap on the road, it doesn't have to be on convoy routes, but they will show up on your map and be tagged with a gear icon. Return one of these trucks back to a base or stronghold like Jeet's and you'll receive upward of 500 Scrap. You can also find these vehicles in camps (though it is uncommon).

One of the most efficient ways to gain Scrap however, is by dismantling camps, since every dismantled camp delivers on average 20 Scrap in periodic intervals whilst in-game.