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Adding and Upgrading Max's Skills will allow for different moves and various finishers in Mad Max. Acquire new Skill Upgrades to expand Max's arsenal of combat moves.


  1. Chain Finisher - Follow up a chain strikes with a power finishing move.
  2. Weapon Parry - Parry melee weapon attacks even when unarmed.
  3. Shoulder Charge - A running charge move that sends enemies stumbling backwards.
  4. Gut Shot - A shotgun execution move that kills the target instantly and intimidates the surrounding enemies.
  5. Limb Breaking Counter -
  6. Fury Ground Execution - Quickly execute fallen enemies while in fury mode.
  7. Wall Finisher
  8. Reversal
  9. Melee Weapon Execution
  10. Wall Shiv Execution
  11. Shiv Grapple Escape
  12. Shield Shatter
  13. Master Melee Reversal
  14. Master Shiv Reversal
  15. Shiv Chain Finisher