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"I rip, I tear, I peel the skin off the weak. I wear their faces. I shave their skulls. Out here, I do master Scrotus' bidding, but the pleasure of the peel is all mine."

Stank Gum is a characters in the Mad Max video game.


"Stank Gum is one of Scrotus' favorite warriors. He is renowned for his sadistic and brutal methods. After Scrotus was wounded by Max, Stank Gum was sent out into the Dead Barrens to wreak havoc and lay claim to all goods available out there. Stank Gum carried out his task to the overzealous letter. His War Boys started a reign of terror which forever changed the region.

Stank Gum is covered in scars, from a lifetime of battle and sadomasochistic playfulness. His face has been cut into shreds more times than one would care to guess. He dresses his face in masks made from human leather. What remains of his teeth are rotten, sharp little nails, protruding from blackened gums. Stank Gum is a collector of human trophies and adorns himself with scalps and ears. He also cuts off faces and hair and wears them as masks and wigs. He carries a selection of injection syringes and surgical tools in his belt, used for sexual purposes and torture. He also carries two sharp curved knives. He hides behind the power of his master, Scabrous Scrotus.

Stank Gum is the typical sidekick, even more despicable than his master. He will never take command himself. Why? Because masters always fall in the end, and if Scrotus falls, Stank Gum will find someone else to offer his gruesome skills."