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The Wasteland is the vast, remote, arid coastal area of the Outback. A part of the map is a dried up part of the Pacific Ocean, and the rest is the ruins of a large coastal Australian city. .

The Wasteland is the location for the Mad Max video game.

In Mad Max there are all sorts of specific Regions & Territories throughout The Wasteland.

Somehow, when human civilization collapsed, max ended up in the wastelands of Australia. . A trackless desert with little water, food, or resources. Even though the wasteland is most likely Australia, there are some survivors who speak American English. it is an inhospitable arid landscape. With little survivors and mostly vehichle based survival. Most humans living here have joined hostile factions and become scavengers, raiders, or simply psycopathic murderers. The wasteland has very primitive settlements, the settlements have no running water mostly, and many have no electricity. there is no form of law enforcement in most settlements. The wasteland is extremely harsh and unforgiving.





Transfer Tank Camp[]

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Stank Gum Camp[]

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