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** [[Rot 'N' Rusties]]
** [[Rot 'N' Rusties]]
===[[Transfer Tank Camp]]===
===[[Transfer Tank Camp]]===
* [[Wreck Hill]]
* [[Wreck Hill]]

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The Wasteland is the vast, remote, arid coastal area of the Outback. Half the map is of the dried up expanses of an ocean called, while the other is .

The Wasteland is the location for the Mad Max video game.

In Mad Max there are all sorts of specific Regions & Territories throughout The Wasteland.

After the end of civilization the only place left was the Wasteland. A trackless desert with little water, food, or resources, it is an inhospitable arid landscape. Very little grows or lives here and the human survivers are left fighting over the few resources for survival. Some shadows of civilization have been created, mostly roving bands of thugs, scavengers, or traders.




Transfer Tank Camp

Oil Pump Camps

Top Dog Camp

Stank Gum Camp