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Adding and Upgrading Max's Tools will help him survive in Mad Max. Each Tool adds a benefit to Max and his ability to survive in The Wasteland.

Tools Upgrades[]

Canteen Icon.png
Binoculars Icon.png
Pliers Icon.png
Flare Gun Icon.png
Jimmy Bar Icon.png
Canteen Binoculars Pliers Flare Gun Jimmy Bar
Flashlight Icon.png
Shotgun Icon.png
Harpoon Icon.png
Icon Tools Thunderpoon.png
Sniper Rifle Icon.png
Flashlight Shotgun Harpoon Thunderpoon Sniper Rifle
Melee Weapons Icon.png
Shiv Icon.png
Gas Can Icon.png
Thundersticks Icon.png
Melee Weapons Shiv Fuel Can Thunderstick
  1. The Canteen is the first usable tool you get. Can be used to store and drink water. Drinking water restores a portion of Max's health.
  2. The Flashlight is also obtained in one of the first missions. It is useful for navigating caves and dark locations.
  3. Fuel Cans are scattered around the wasteland. You can obtain it from Scavenging Locations, Camps or from destroyed cars. They can be stored in the Magnum Opus, used to refuel vehicles and could be lit on fire to create a timed explosion. It is a useful tool in destroying certain gates, doors, transfer tanks or oil pumps.
  4. The Shotgun is your primary ranged weapon which you receive right in the beginning along with the canteen. A really powerful weapon which has a short range. Used for close-ranged encounters and an invaluable weapon in the early portion of the game for exploding fuel tanks of other cars. It can be upgraded in Max's menu too.
  5. Pliers are used by Max to disarm mines. (Tip :Disarming them will give you a shotgun shell)
  6. Binoculars can be used to perimeter defenses of camps. They are a useful tool for planning ambushes on convoys too.
  7. The Flare Gun is used to signal Chumbucket to bring the Magnum Opus if he is not to be seen. In case you are far away from him, you could use this to call him to your position.
  8. The Jimmy Bar is a tool which you can unlock in Max's upgrade menu after spending 45 scrap. It is used to open certain doors or cases.
  9. The Harpoon is pretty much the first upgrade the Magnum Opus receives. It is up-gradable and is used to rip off parts of other cars (primarily). You can also dismantle towers, scarecrows and gates using this. Using this on people will kill them instantly. Higher levels of this tool allows you to rip of heavier parts and perform unique attacks.
  10. The Thunderpoon is a special weapon which you receive after completing the mission "Black Magic". It is up-gradable. It is the result you get if rockets werTe a throwable. It can efficiently destroy lesser vehicles.
  11. The Sniper Rifle (or longshot) is a weapon which you can use while sitting on the back of the Magnum Opus. It has a long range and can be used to pick off unwanted snipers (or other targets, for that matter). It is obtained after reaching Jeet's Fortress
  12. Meele Weapons can be picked up by Max and used in combat. They are usually wielded by other enemies, so it has to be knocked away before being usable. They do more damage at the cost of limited usage. Certain abilities can increase the usage and damage of a meele weapon.
  13. A shiv is a special weapon which could be used to execute enemies after they are dazed. Performing an execution will use up a shiv. Max can carry upto 4 Shivs if he has the appropriate upgrades. Certain enemies wield a shiv and will unleash a non-parriable attack with it.
  14. The thunderstick is a special meele weapon. It can be used to impale and instantly kill an enemy (with an explosion) or could even be thrown towards an enemy. It can be seen upon as the mini version of a thunderpoon