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#REDIRECT[[Top Dog Camp]] Necessary
Throughout [[The Wasteland]] there are all sorts of [[Camps]]. The [[Top Dog Camps]] {{Top dog camp}} have various [[Top Dogs]] in charge which you must defeat to claim ownership of the camp and allow for allies to move in and pay Scrap {{Scrap}}.
The most feared camps outside [[Gastown]]! These fortifications oversee the network of oil camps for [[Scrotus]], and are heavily defended both inside and out. [[Top Dogs]] are a dangerous breed but not without unique weaknesses only known to themselves and the few [[Intel]] gatherers lurking out in [[The Wasteland]]. It’s a good idea to seek out this info prior to confronting a Top Dog. Destroy the Top Dog to lower Scrotus’ threat in the area (as well as receive the Top Dog’s paint colors).
==Top Dog Camps==
* [[Top Dog Camp]]
* [[Gasworks]]
[[Category: Camps]]
[[Category: Camps]]

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