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The Tussle Bar is one of the Ramming Grill Vehicle Upgrades from The Garage in Mad Max. It is the second upgrade slot and the first Ramming Grill upgrade after No Grill. When installed, it lowers the front end of the car and reduces vehicle acceleration. Its direct upgrade is the Brawl Bar.

Unlock Requirements[]

Scrap Icon.png 10 Scrap

  • Complete Magnum Opus Garage Tutorial


  • Increases ramming power by 10%.
  • Reduces head-on collision damage by 10%.
  • Reduces Magnum Opus acceleration slightly.
  • Light weight.


"To bump and grind with a simple bar is better than doing so buck nude, but just a tad."

The Tussle Bar is a ramming grill attached to the front end of the Magnum Opus, in place of where a bumper would normally be. It appears as a long iron bar stretching across the lower front of the Magnum Opus, with a smaller bar connected above the main bar, presumably to protect the engine and radiator. The two bars are welded together by two metal plates on either side of the engine bay. All the metal is well-worn and rusted around the welding joints.