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The V8 Interceptor is a famous, iconic vehicle in the Mad Max world.


Mad Max 1 - Mad Max[]

The V8 Interceptor was first seen in the Main Police Force vehicle garage, where is is used by The Mechanic, Barry and Goose in an attempt to convince Mad Max to stay on the force. After Toecutter and his gang run down his wife and child, Max steals the vehicle in his rampage against Toecutter, Johnny the Boy, and their gang of marauders.

Mad Max 2 - The Road Warrior[]

After the events of Mad Max, Max uses the Interceptor as both a pursuit vehicle and his mobile home. Arming the new, larger fuel tanks with booby-traps to insure their safety, the V8 is much more suited for travel in the wastes than before, and in combination with his supercharger, the V8 more often than not is Max's salvation in threatening situations. After escaping the pursuing marauders (and, incidentally, Wez) and encountering the Oil Refinery survivors, the V8 interceptor is impounded and Max taken prisoner. He is told that he may take the V8 when he finds another vehicle capable of towing the tanker trailer.

After Max finds the trailer truck, he retrieves the V8. While being chased by Lord Humungus and his gang, a window on the Interceptor is smashed, causing it to crash. After the gang recovers the vehicle, The Toadie attempts to open the Interceptor's fuel tank, activating a booby-trap and killing him instantly.