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Vantage Points are marked as little balloons on your map. You'll probably encounter the first one after you completed Chumbucket's tutorial and while you are on your way to Jeet's stronghold. They become visible on your map as soon as you enter a new region.


"Use the balloon at Vantage Outposts to mark important locations on The Map and unlock Fast Travel."

Capturing Vantage Points

To conquer a vantage point, making it a fast-travel point and using it's other benefits, you'll have to make sure that the balloon is operational. This is achieved by completing one or more of the following steps:

  • Make sure that all tethers, that anchor the balloon to the ground, are cut
  • Make sure that the generator, connected to the balloon, is fueled up
  • Make sure to lower the balloon to the ground with the controls
  • Make sure the balloon is fueled up (you also may have to refuel it later)

Out Of Fuel

To fill up a balloon with fuel you use a Jerry Can on the tank at the side of the balloon, not the fuel station connected by wires.

Don't use the fuel station Fill the tank on the side of the balloon

The Vantage Points