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Vehicle Upgrades are items that are attached to your vehicle to change base stats in Mad Max. Check out The Garage for more specific details on Vehicle Upgrades.


Vehicles can be modified and upgraded to improve stats and characteristics. The following have been confirmed as upgradable:

Type Effect
Armor Damage mitigation.
Boarder Spikes Defensive spike weapon.
Body Color Vehicle coloring.
Boost Temporary boost in speed.
Car Body Visual augmentation.
Engine Increased acceleration.
Exhaust Increased top speed.
Harpoon Grab drivers, enemy armor.
Hood Ornament Status symbol.
Ramming Grill Ram damage.
Repair Speed Increased rate of repair.
Rims Offensive spike weapon.
Side Burners Flamethrower weapon.
Sniper Rifle Ranged combat.
Suspension Improved handling.
Thunderpoon Area of effect weapon.
Tires Improved handling.