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In The Wasteland of the Mad Max series, vehicles are both modes of transportation and weapons in their own right.

Mad Max[]

Mad Mad Cars

Max Max 2[]

Mad Mad 2 Vehicles

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome[]

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Vehicles

Mad Max: Fury Road[]

Mad Max Fury Road Vehicles

Mad Max video game[]

Magnum Opus[]


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Ripper Furnace Shovel Face


Vehicles can be upgraded at The Garage from Chumbucket, improving their stats.

Faction Vehicles[]

There are over 50 total vehicles in Mad Max. Many can be seen driven by Scrotus's threatening War Boys as well as other factions. Each vehicle group has a certain style, meaning The Buzzards which are loaded with spikes for a high defense. The War Boys can be seen driving hotrod like vehicles and muscle cars along with a rig carrying a massive amount of Gasoline Fuel Can Icon.png and explosives. Enemy vehicles are often seen driving in convoys protecting the guzzoline rigs. Many vehicles also have nicknames, such as Prickles and Flamergamer.

List of Faction Vehicles[]

War Boys[]



Rare Collectible Vehicles[]